Mens Health UK og Australien

Over de sidste 15år + har jeg løst illustrative opgaver for udenlandske Magasiner – de fleste opgaver for en af verdens største bladpublikationer, Mens Health, og lillesøsteren Womens Health. Adam Williams, mangeårig Art Director på Womens Health Australien siger om samarbejdet:

“Well, I would say you’re a joy to deal with. Someone who is direct enough to get to the point and tries to nail a brief with great communication but also humility. Fantastic natural style. I feel that we give you a brief that’s not always that detailed to give you enough creative room to add your flair to a project. It means you can experiment with some briefs but also aren’t so precious that you won’t adhere to one our more ‘strict’ creatively controlled projects. Your sense of humour makes working with you so much fun. It also shows that you understand an important part of our brand… ‘entertainment’.”